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Side-community to The Baileys Project
United we stand, divided we fall. Together we remain, as always.… 
19th-Oct-2006 05:55 am
[disney] belle
United we stand, divided we fall. Together we remain, as always.

The world is at war. Each realm is fighting for survival, and in the midst of this war spreads the plague. This plague has the capacity to destroy an entire realm. If the cure is not won over from the Dark Powers, then the entire world will be swollowed in darkness. One by one, they are already disappearing.

The old system of warriors and healers has been re-established. Thus, the halls of Bellator Paean, House of Learning are beginning to fill up again. This time, there are more students willing to take the life challenge of joining a Wrose and being either a warrior or healer. However, the halls aren’t filling up for that sole reason. Bellator Paean has become the central headquarters of the Alipe Equus Wrose United (AEWU). Many wroses come to gather and share information. They also come to further their skills and offer time to help teach students.

The dark forces of Kinshea Cortenous are rising. Kinshea has plans to send the plaque to Alipe Equus, but first she intends to destroy Alipe Equus’s closest ally, Kinglyfort. Students, teachers and wroses must work together to defeat the plague before Kinglyfort is destroyed, and before the plague is sent to Alipe Equus. If all is lost to Kinshea, not one will be spared.

Come join us in this battle, this war, and this journey. Bellator Paean House of Learning; the Realm of Alipe Equus welcomes you.

About us:

Bellator Paean is a fantasy role-playing game (RPG) set in the sprawling mountain terrain of Alipe Equus, and beyond.

It is run by the current Game Moderators (GMs) Kendra and Niyki.
The idea was born after Niyki announced she wanted to start a major fantasy RPG. By pure chance, K's creativity was on overdrive, and Bellator Paean was conceived ... along with the beginning of the realm of Alipe Equus. Using Kendra’s knowledge of fantasy, and Niyki’s random imagination (which seems to have been hyped up as most of her crazy ideas came during late nights after a large dose of hot chocolate and Easter eggs), this small creative outlet became an obsession.

Things flew quickly from there. Management had to be organized and arranged. Characters needed to be created. Bellator Paean had been born, and was taking on a mind of its own.

We insisted on being as original as we could possibly be under the sparse limitations of fantasy. Concepts, ideas, definitions and descriptions materialized out of the scrambled minds of their creators.

What else?
Having finally awoken from a long hiatus, both admins have found that they are eager for role-play, and are extending invitations for new blood to submit characters and join our ranks.

If you wish to join, please visit http://koerpg.r8.org for further details. We play at koe_rpg
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