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A question and a suggestion... Sort of. 
18th-Oct-2006 06:22 pm
illy runs

Greetings my fellow writers!

Last night I couldn't sleep, and my mind was racing... You know that feeling, when you just try to erase everything from your mind, but the devious plot bunnies attack and you're left helpless? Well, yeah - I did have a point somewhere here...

So, my first question - is the "high fantasy"/medieval only acceptable setting? I don't know about you people, but I love hopping from genre to genre... It might be nice to include other settings as well?

...Which brings me to my suggestion - the subject of the story could be mandatory. There you could either give your ramblings a little headline, or just say the genre of the story you'd like to pursue, e.g. adventure, or horror. Imho, I'd like it. :)

What are the communities rules on age restrictions? A simple suggestion rating after the subject could be a nice pointer to other writers - as for example, I don't shy away from writing/reading sexual content, but some writers won't want that included in their storylines, and some just don't want to read smut. ^_~

I have a feeling I'm being very incoherent here, so let me give a few examples... *blush*

Subject: It was a dark and stormy night... [Setting - Fantasy, Genre - Horror, rating PG13 - R]


The end is the beginning. [Future/Adventure/G]

Do you think that would be too much? ó_Ò Don't mean to sound like an annoying control freak or anything, but I just enjoy a bit of clarity in my life.
Just a bit.  ^_~
18th-Oct-2006 08:42 pm (UTC)
I like your ideas very much! :)

We (or at least I, don't know about the MiniMorr ;) ) originally wanted to have the setting all open for other genres as well (as long as they are at least somehow fantasy-ish, so SF could work, too) but we thought sticking to High Fantasy could make it easier.
On the other hand, putting it in the subject line of the initial post, as in your examples, could work very well. So I'm all for that. :)

About the age-restriction: I rather don't have a rule like "no people under 14 in this community" or something like that. On the other hand I see where you're coming from and agreeing with that one as well. I personally rather don't read anything with graphic sexual content either but don't really want to forbid it for those who would like to write/read it, so maybe using the common ratings would be a very good idea. That would make it a little clearer than just the warning line we've intended. :)

But lets see what MiniMorr thinks. If she's agreeing on the stuff as well, we'll add this to the info asap and probably post another info post. :)
18th-Oct-2006 08:52 pm (UTC)
Oki, let's see. :)

I really have no problem with any other genres as well, as long as they're somehow connected to Fantasy. I'm a big fan of urban fantasy myself, so... ;)

It's a good idea to have the rating/genre(s)/etc in the subject line. At least the very basics would be good, as a wish for where the original poster wants to take it. It also helps with the confusion. One thing (that cueeties_janara just came up with) is that if a storyline starts out as PG and later goes to R, it might put some people off that only wanted PG. Maybe we could instead put the (changing rating) in the subject-line or bold it as the first sentence of a comment?

About the age-limit... That's really a tough one, because we really don't want anyone to feel excluded because they're not 18 (or whatever the age of consent in their country is), so I guess we'll just have to go with the fact that everyone is their own responsibility and they themselves have to be responsible for what they're reading. I don't want to turn anyone away, and neither does Janara.
I think, that as long as we're clearly warning for sexual content/violence/other questionable topics, anyone can join. Besides, I know how I was when I was sixteen... *whistles*

So, yeah, thank you for your ideas! :) And if anyone else has something to add, feel free to do so. :)

18th-Oct-2006 09:06 pm (UTC)
In addition to what MiniMorr just wrote, concerning:
One thing is that if a storyline starts out as PG and later goes to R, it might put some people off that only wanted PG.

There is also the "problem" (not actually a problem since it's very much wished for) that an initial post can "spawn" different plotlines within. As it did with the tavern scene, for examples. So far we have the whole guy/girl plot and then the hooded-stranger-tavern-owner plot. One of these lines might take a R direction, the other might stay purely PG13, or so. So if we'd put R as a rating in the original post, people who don't want to read that would be put off even if there is also a PG13 plotline there.
I hope what I just wrote makes any sense. ^^'

So, what we could do is rate each post/comment separately. If the initial post already contains R, we put it there. If it's only PG13 but one of the follow ups is R, we'll have PG13 in the post but R in the comment subject line (or as a first sentence).
Or if the initial post -is- R but all the follow ups are PG13 we could warn about the post and put a note there that the rest of the comments so far are PG13
... or something like that? @.@

I hope that makes any sense. I just don't want people to shy away from a scene that really inspires them but that one of its plotlines can/will/might take an R/NC17 direction.

And also, as Mini said, thanks very much for the input! Ideas are always great and welcomed! :D
19th-Oct-2006 07:41 pm (UTC)

I'm so glad we agree on the big picture. ^_^ Exactly as I hoped - discussion and fine tuning the ideas...

In the words of Mr Burns - Excellent... :D
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